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The Peale Museum, 1813.   Baltimore County Public Library Legacy Web
Peale Museum,
founded 1813.

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About the BCHS

BCHS Mission
The goal of the Baltimore City Historical Society is to cultivate and promote the history and diversity of Baltimore City.

The Society works with Baltimore historians to sponsor programs on City history and with museums and universities to support their collections of historical materials.

The Website
We intend for this website to be a home - a gathering place - for everyone interested in the City's history, as well as an inclusive source of information about City historical activities and resources.

The site is constantly developing, and we welcome additions, suggestions, and alterations. Please e-mail us to let us know what you think!

The Facebook Page
To connect with the Baltimore City Historical Society on Facebook, click here.

E-Mail Updates Needed!
The BCHS office often e-mails members with information that is time-sensitive. In many cases, the e-mails are returned undeliverable. Please keep BCHS informed of changes in your e-mail address, so that we can send you information on a timely basis. You can e-mail us to let us know your new address, and we will update our records. Thanks!





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