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Cecil Calvert, Second Lord Baltimore
—Lords Baltimore portraits,
Enoch Pratt Public Library

The Empty Century, 1609-1729

Abroad during these years the Taj Mahal is completed, John Milton writes Paradise Lost, and Pompeii is unearthed.

Baltimore's beginnings looked unpromising. Ironically, the Indian name for its river, Patapsco, meant a backwater. And the names [John] Smith and [David] Jones, discoverers of the site, lack glamour. Hereabouts tobacco planters tilled the land that originally Charles I had granted to the Calverts, Lords Baltimore, proprietors of Maryland.




 Capt. John Smith explores the Inner Harbor and makes note of Federal Hill

 King Charles I grants Maryland charter to Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore

 First Calvert settlers arrive, buy land from Indians and build Fort St. Mary's City.

 Maryland legislators pass an act of religious toleration, permitting all forms of Christian worship.

 Survey completed for David Jones of 380 acres along Jones Falls at present Front Street.

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